Creative, Liberating, Living, and Fruitful

What is it about the Scriptures?

Creative, Liberating, Living, and Fruitful

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It’s no secret that we at The Word Among Us love to talk about the Scriptures. It’s because we have experienced Scripture as a life-giving word, a liberating word, and a word that has the power to turn us into “living gospels.” And we know we are in very good company.

During our thirty-five years of publication, we have been blessed to live under three very effective popes: John Paul II, the philosopher; Benedict XVI, the theologian; and Francis, the pastor. Each pope in his own way has encouraged Catholics to read the Scritpures, meditate on them, and let them find a way into their hearts.

Pope John Paul II had a habit of filling his encyclicals and apostolic exhortations with quotes from, references to, and images from the Bible. Then there are his Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary, which are grace-filled invitations to meditate on key gospel stories about Jesus. According to his personal secretary, when John Paul II was on his deathbed, his final request was for someone to read to him from the Bible. Moments later, one of the attending priests read nine full chapters of the…

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